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Booking flights through Opodo – good or bad idea?


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When looking to book flights while planning your next vacation, opodo.com is a website you might want to research before using. Opodo is an online European travel agency company where you can find deals on flights, hotels, car rentals, holiday packages, etc.

I learned about this site from a friend recently while booking our flights to Spain and Egypt. You can also call them and book on the phone if you find it easier to communicate that way – this is an option listed on their website, however, I have not tried this personally. Based on the research I’ve done on Opodo, their customer service needs a lot of work. They’re supposedly known for not answering emails or calls and apparently some bookings are not actually “booked” with the airlines even though Opodo confirmed. I will provide an update once I do go on my trip in two weeks and let you know if the flights were actually booked or not. Hopefully they were. Otherwise, I don’t know if there will be a trip 😐

Have you ever booked with Opodo? What was your experience? Please share below in the comments section!


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  1. You are doing fine but I want to give some few suggestions.
    When I first arrive at your site, I did not know really what the site was all about. It was when I read your about me section that I now discover that your website is about traveling.

    On your website heading, try to write something like Travel The World, Learn Before Travel, Hotel Reservation etc. Writing United State, Europe, Africa, does not show what your site is about.

    Try to visit another traveling website to see the layout.

    Finally, please, make a good search to provide relevant content on your site.

    • Thank you for the feedback osbenson! It always helps to learn what a visitor notices once they access your site. I will work on your suggestions!

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